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Preassessment Request Form

Click on the button bellow to take our easy-to-use Preassessment Request Form. This document helps to create a template and framework ahead of building your risk-free comprehensive consultation and threat assessment uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs. Our team will contact you in response to this form as quickly as possible.

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Executive Protection Services 

-Close Personal Protection

-VIP/Dignitary Protection

-Protective Transportation Services

-Route Reconnaissance & Clearence

-Threat & Travel Risk Assessment Services

Uniformed Protective Services (Armed/Unarmed)

-Physical Security

-Static/Roving Patrols

-Entry Control Point Inspections

-Event Security

-Dispatch & Response

-Client Intelligence Reporting


State of Hawaii Compliant GDE Licensing Course

8-Hour Initial Training Online Class

4-Hour Continued Competency Training Online Class

Service Options

(Fingerprinting, State Processing DCCA)

Protective Cognitive Awareness Package

Industry Standard Practices

Protector Mindset

Itelligence Gathering

Gear Lists

Training Regiments

Weekly Newsletter

Account Exclusive Access

Typing on a Computer


Comprehensive Threat Analysis & Risk Management

Vulnerability Walkthrough

Intelligence Monitoring

Monthly Threat Awareness Notifications

    Integrative Corporate Training

Action Planning

Situational Training

    Tailored Standard Operating Procedures

Complete Comprehensive SOP Build

Emergency Planning & Mitigation

Industry Standards

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   Precision Group is dedicated to delivering thoughtful and innovative solutions focused on school safety and security measures. Our goal is to provide a multi-layered assessment that ensures the safety of students, faculty, and staff during and after class is in session.

With various occurrences throughout the country in recent years, identifying and providing change for the most important demographic in our society - our children - has become even more prevalent today.

   We understand the unique challenges faced by schools in our country and continue to encourage and build cohesive partnerships with administrators and government officials to develop proven interventions customized to meet every need. Precision Group places the utmost importance on keeping what matters most protected and remains committed to establishing a safe and reliable environment throughout our communities.


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